Dillon Hall

About Big Red

Dillon Hall is the biggest, and coincidentally the best, men's dorm on campus, giving all other dorms a reason to be jealous. Here you can find a brief history of the dorm, some statistics on Dillon Hall, and links to our floor plan.

Dillon Hall was built in 1931, under the University's eleventh president, Rev. Charles O'Donnell, CSC. It was the thirteenth dorm built on campus and was named in honor of Rev. Patrick Dillon, the University's second president . The chapel was dedicated to the memory of Knute Rockne, who died shortly before Dillon Hall was opened. When the dorm opened, it housed 265 men. Notable past residents of Dillon Hall include Jim Flanigan, '94 (pro football), and Bill Laimbeer, '79 (pro basketball), and Nate Balmert '13. With 81,000 square feet of space and room to pack in 340 residents like sardines, Dillon Hall is the largest residence hall on campus.

Our dorm nickname is Big Red, and our colors are red and black. We are located on prime real estate on the west end of South Quad, immediately next to South Dining Hall. Among the many activities that Dillon hosts is our most notable signature event, the Dillon Pep Rally. The Dillon Pep Rally is an annual event held before the first home game to excited the student body for the upcoming season. Click the Pep Rally link to the left for more information.

Dillon has one of the most diverse sets of room configurations on campus. While the layout varies slightly from year to year, there are always singles, doubles, triples, and quads available to house the Men of Dillon. The dorm has three floors for a total of 167 rooms, and usually houses upwards of 340 residents. Every room contains a sink and furniture that can be lofted in order to maximize the room's potential. Dillon has its own kitchen, laundry room, exercise room, and study room, all with the basic amenities.

Quick Facts:

Established: 1931
Mascot/Nickname: Big Red
Color: Red
Quad Location: South Quad
Chapel: Shrine of St. Olaf
Signature Event: Dillon Pep Rally
Elevator? Yes
Air Conditioning? No
Study Room(s)? Yes
Exercise Room? Yes
Kitchen Access? Yes
Laundry Facilities? Yes
Sinks in Rooms? Yes
Modular Furniture? Yes
Number of Floors: 3
Number of Rooms: 167
Capacity: 334
Seniors: 20%
Juniors: 25%
Sophomores: 24%
Freshmen: 31%

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Floor Plans:

Basement First Floor Second Floor Third Floor

Dillon's Beginnings: