Dillon Hall

Dillon Hall 2013-2014 Hall Government

Each year, the Men of Dillon elect a group of hooligans to serve Dillon Hall. Below are some bios on the men of this year's Hall Government. Feel free to stop by their rooms for any reason, they're pretty chill.

Eric Woitchek - President - Quad Rooms 137-139

Once in a generation, big things come in little packages. In this generation, that little package is Eric Woitchek, Dillon's Commander in Chief for this year. Eric hails from the almost-state of Oklahoma but is originally from the Seattle area. He is a huge Seattle sports fan, but don't worry - his ego isn't quite as big as Richard Sherman's. He is much more like Russell Wilson, the short guy who leads an impeccable group of men to greatness. This Finance major loves baseball more than anything and dreams of his days at Chuck E Cheese as a youngster. All jokes aside, feel free to drop by Eric's room to chat anytime. He's an all-around great guy.

Michael DiGaetano - Vice-President - Quad Rooms 220-222

Michael DiGaetano hails from the great state of New Jersey, where he can frequently be seen schmoozing with his Baby momma, Snooki, somewhere along the shore. He is the younger brother of two legendary ex Dillonians (or Dillonites, same difference) and hopes to use his newfound position of authority to prove himself worthy of being held in such lofty regards. He must come with a disclaimer though, when stache bash comes around, and with it the disappearance of shaving, Michael undergoes a metamorphosis into an unholy fusion of Peter Kropotkin, Brian Wilson, and Albus Dumbledore, terrifying many of the locals in the process.

Colby Buehler - Treasurer - Quad Rooms 137-139

Is that Carrot Top walking the halls of Dillon? No, that's just your treasurer, Colby Buehler. He isn't nearly as jacked, but ALMOST as funny. Colby boasts an impressive resume highlighted by his ability to produce pizza bagels at a blistering pace and talent of vigorously singing Mr. Brightside. Like Tech N9ne, Colby hails from the dirty dirty KCMO (Kansas City, Missouri). If you need a cinder block, Colby has one. He probably won't let you have it because it holds his massive bag of skittles most of the time, but you can try. He promises to be a better treasurer than his perpetually average Royals are a baseball team. If he isn't in his room, he is probably tearing up the golf course. Whether he is playing well or not, he is definitely tearing up the course. Stop by his room any time to say hello or make inquiries about how you should name your computer files.

Dylan Stevenson - Secretary - Quad Rooms 271-273

Cheers, gents. Oy, let me tell you a story about me mate Dylan. Hailing from London, England, Dylan is 415th in line for the throne, but feel free to stop by his room anytime for 5 o’clock tea. Just remember to bring your own crumpets. Dylan currently is double majoring in History and Economics so that he could learn from the mistakes of his ancestors and better prepare himself for Revolutionary War 2: Revenge of the British. Dylan actually prefers the American versions of The Office, House of Cards, and especially Downtown Abbey. Dylan will hopefully bring a parliamentary touch to Hall Government as Secretary. You will frequently find him in a suit as he is hoping succeed Daniel Craig as the next James Bond.