Dillon Hall

Welcome to the Dillon Hall website.

Welcome to Dillon Hall, home of the biggest, the best, and the humblest. If you are a newly appointed resident of Dillon, congratulations! If not, it’s OK to be jealous. Browse the links to the left for more information about the largest men's dorm on campus - Dillon Hall.

Welcome Freshmen!

If you have any questions about the dorm or campus life at ND, feel free to contact Taylor Billings, the Frosh-O commissioner at tbilling@nd.edu or tweet us @DillonHallND. See you in August!

Our Proud Tradition

We are the strongest, the smartest, and the humblest dorm on campus. Our goal is for our men to be leaders around campus, whether it be through academics, spirit, ministry, or athletics. We strive to create a better University for all. We are Dillon Men.