Dillon Hall

2014 Frosh O Staff

Each year, Father Doyle selects a group of rising Sophomores and Juniors to welcome the Freshmen into our home in Dillon Hall. This year, he has chosen the following 21 men as the Frosh-O staff for Dillon.

Austin Hickman

Austin Hickman is a Junior Electrical Engineering major, and a man of many talents. To name a couple of them… Well, he’s good at Halo, if that counts? Austin is from the boonies of West Virginia, and the only thing more laughable than where he’s from is the irony of his last name being “Hickman.” Also, if you’re looking for a good way to feel better about your golf game, feel free to stop by Austin’s room (111-113) and he’ll take time out of his day to embarrass himself on the course. The one benefit of being friends with the guy is that he will go to Chipotle essentially any time of any day, so there’s that!

Robert Giambone

Rob Giambone hails from Huntington Beach, CA, also known as Surf City USA. He studies in the business school as a political science and marketing double major, but he’s really in the business of rugby. Affectionately known around Dillon as “Rugby Rob,” he's usually distinguishable by the turf burns on his face. Don’t let his tough exterior fool you, though - Rob’s a great dude; if you ever need anything yell “hang ten, bra” in the halls and he’ll come running. Also, if you see any gnarly waves around South Bend be sure to let him know.

Ryan Busk

His nametag may say that he is from Niles, Michigan, but that is only a clever ruse to fool mortals on the true identity of Ryan Busk. Born of a jaguar and a direct descendent of the tribes of Machu Picchu, Ryan was raised in the wild Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. Some say he met a therapeutic witch doctor who gave him the voice of Morgan Freeman. Others say he grew to great heights to see past the tropical foliage. No matter which legends you believe about Ryan Busk, there is no denying that he will one day be labeled the most interesting man in the world.

Frederick Stavins

Freddie “Freddie the Yeti” Stavins is from just outside of the region commonly known as “just outside of Chicago” in Champaign, IL. He enjoys long luxurious bubble baths and pulling all-nighters to watch movies on Tuesdays. Although vertically challenged, Freddie excels on the basketball court. His three-point shots are famous for nothing but net (and air). He is currently exploring an interest in Theological Accounting…I mean Theology and Accounting. Will this allow him to bring morals to Wall Street? We await the day. His proudest accomplishments include dancing all night to the best song ever, surviving dining hall food for an entire year, and hibernating in a cozy cage while a South Bend winter raged outside. Feel free to hit him up for some survival tips; his door is ALWAYS open.

Richard Rosso

Richard "Bentastic Ben" Rosso hails from up North. North Carolina, that is. When he's not wooing the women of McGlinn Hall, Ben enjoys scintillating discussions regarding his favorite color, Red. Ben is currently pursuing a major in Applied Math, because he likes how long the actual name of the major, Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, is. Notable Freshman year achievements for Ben include "Best Notre Dame Football-Watching Sunburn Obtained" as awarded by Coach Brian Kelly, as well as a Grammy in the R&B category for his performances with the choir at chapel Masses.  A gentleman with a knack for both soccer and sand volleyball, Ben can always be counted on to kick it with friends or cheer raucously for his beloved Duke Blue Devils basketball team. Even if you aren't as avowed a Dukie, definitely stop by Ben's room on the first floor for a good time.

Casey Nash

Casey "Cash" Nash comes from the beautifully tragic state of Kentucky. He loves his family, his friends, and you. Cash is a Science Business major with an aptitude for basketball and looking good. Always double check if it's the real Casey, because he's one of a set of triplets. As far as we can tell, he's not the evil one. He plays rugby and works at the Rock so he's a very "solid" guy. Ask him for a life tip, talk about the Science-Business track, or pledge allegiance to UK basketball and he'll be an instant friend. Cash is what it's all about, baby.

Tyler Dale

Tyler Dale, a strapping young lad hailing from (a boring suburb of) Chicago, is a sophomore electrical engineer and a member of Naval ROTC.  His room may be on the second floor, but there's a better chance you'll catch him in the weight room  Just look for the blindingly pasty skin and ginger hair.  He is also rumored to be the most oblivious person in the world, though the folks at Guinness have yet to confirm this.  An avid fan of just about anything that involves attempting to concuss someone in the name of sport, Tyler loves watching and playing football almost as much as his protein powder.  Tyler is really friendly and a pretty chill guy once you get to know him.  Feel free to stop by and satisfy his already oversized need to be the center of attention.

Daniel Bechtel

Dan Bechtel hails from the great state of Massachusetts. He spends his days thinking about the sports legacies of his beloved Boston teams and about Dunkin Donuts, but really mostly about Dunkin. He has a growing affection and strange attachment to everything that is Tom Brady, including his luscious locks and stylish eye-black on game days. Dan’s other main hobbies include playing endless hours of Pokemon and pronouncing his vowels in a way that makes you think you’re in a Ben Affleck and Matt Damon movie. This Junior Finance and Applied Math major plays rugby for the club team on campus and has produced some of the most epic bloody-face pictures of all time. All in all, Dan’s a great guy and is always willing to talk or hang out with his friends, and his door is always open.

Michael Valacer

When he isn’t living vicariously through his favorite reality TV stars, Mikey Valacer can actually be a pretty cool guy to talk to. Raised just outside Richmond, Virginia, Mikey commonly boasts about his upbringing in what he thinks is the South. Mikey majors in math and the classics and is even an officer for the classics club, which he claims is “all about the toga parties.” He’s a classic romantic, loving tender jogs around St. Joseph’s Lake in his running tights and notorious for his ability to woo the ladies with his expansive knowledge of Boston sports teams. If you want to talk to Mikey, just listen for awful 80’s rock ‘n roll coming from a triple on the second floor, drop in and say hey (he will be the shirtless one).

Benjamin Gunning

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Ben Gunning is the very definition of a scholarly gentleman. In fact, in a recent, very unofficial poll, numerous Dillon Hall residents unanimously awarded Ben the title of “Nicest person I’ve ever met.” Currently studying math and computer science, he decided to take up Chinese this past year to expand his horizons. When not studying, spending countless hours in the engineering building, or practicing Chinese character writing in the hallway, Ben can be found preparing for Mock Trial or helping out in one of the 17 other clubs he’s involved in. Many of us have questioned how balancing this level of involvement while maintaining a stellar GPA is humanly possible. Some have even jokingly debated whether or not Ben is a machine or even a spectacular case or artificial intelligence. (All we know is that he consistently wore shorts as wind chill temperatures neared 20 below last winter...You be the judge). If you ever have any questions about anything on campus or want to get to know a great guy, Ben is your man. Just look for his signature blue hoodie and cargo shorts.

Daniel Brndjar

Dan "The Man" Brndjar is the rising star following in the footsteps of the many legendary figures in Notre Dame's basketball history. From bookstore basketball to his star role on Dillon Hall's very own interhall basketball team, Dan's intensity on a basketball court is second to none. Despite his inherent ability to dunk, Dan chooses not to in order to level the playing field. A true student of the game, Dan uses his Applied Math major to outperform all of his fellow managers for the Notre Dame basketball team. Dan is a great team player both on and off the court, and he is a tremendous friend to all fellow men of Dillon.

Dylan Staats

Dylan recently committed himself to a life of being a rugby-playing navy seal in space. After denying his old life as a gator-taming protege in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, he came to the Big Red to spend countless nights figuring out a language dubbed "Diffy-Q" by its supporters and ordering Mexican food from a literal hole-in-the-wall called (in translation) "Burrito Pimp" (1724 N. Ironwood, South Bend). When he's not torturing himself in the second-floor study room, Dylan spews expletives at the television in the wee hours of the morn in reaction to recent events on Lost, Breaking Bad, and various Playstation games. Dylan will be living in the third floor chapel ghetto this year, where he plans to procure a new Keurig and lure freshmen into his room with a nice cup of Starbucks Verona.

David Harvan

Dave “I put the D in Dillon“ Harvan grew up on the mean streets of Walton Hills just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Few people know that Dave was actually the reason why Johnny Manziel ended up in Cleveland. In the past year he developed his skills as a finance major and helped negotiate the terms of his contract. For everyone looking to major in finance, Dave is definitely your go-to guy. In addition to his business abilities, Dave enjoys fishing and being out on the water by competing with the club crew team. In particular, he prefers to show off his raw athletic prowess and general swoleness when he dons his favorite retro sports gear. Dave appreciates good sports-talk or smack-talk about anything really. The man drops comedic gold when he gets fired up about his Cleveland sports. Finally, if you ever get the chance to meet Dave, be sure to ask about his large pet python.

Emerson Kirk

Emerson Kirk (aka Emo) long lost relative of the great poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, is nothing like his pitiful contemporaries (the other Frosh-O staff). He hails from Cali, where the suns always shining and people are always long-boarding while living the higher life. When he isn't rolling with Cali bros Emo can be found trying to start up some sort of business. His greatest idea to date is "Whig City", where he basically sells Whigs that duplicate his luscious California flow. If you ever need Cali fix you can find Emo roaming the third floor flicking his luscious locks around making those SMC ladies flock.

Austin Hunt

Austin Hunt is a double major in Film and Finance. So when he is not sand boarding, curling, exploring obscure countries, starring in dos equis commercials or otherwise being the most interesting man in the world, he’s making movies and pulling in the big bucks. Austin’s always looking for actors in his upcoming movies, and has been know to offer food, money, and or manual labor in exchange for participating in his masterpieces. As one of the few Notre Dame students from Chicago, he can and will get into fistfights over such vitally important issues as the Bears season record, whether or not Aaron Rodgers is a criminal, and how he was a Blackhawks fan before it was cool.

Macartan Sullivan

If you haven’t heard of Macartan Patrick Sullivan, I’m not sure what you’ve been doing for all of the years that you’ve been alive. He goes by many names, including "The Hurricane”, “The Hurricane’s Father”, and “Oswald”, but he lets us mortals call him Mac. Mac's interesting backstory makes him a folklore legend in every corner of the universe. The interesting thing about it is that there is no backstory—at least not one that experts have determined is true. No one knows where Mac came from, or why he graced us all with his presence, but ever since he got here, he’s been taking care of business like no one else ever could. Some say he caused the extinction of the dinosaurs to make way for the homo sapiens. Others believe his birth ended World War II. According to some conspiracy theorists, it was Macartan Sullivan, not Neil Armstrong, who was the first man to walk on the moon. After all, no one could really tell who was in that space suit. Wherever his roots lie, Mac is a man among boys. He’s a cat lover, a frequent antique shopper, and always trades his pokemon cards fairly. Don’t hesitate to stop by his room and chat him up—he’s a real great guy. If he’s not in his room, you can probably find Mac at the Rockne Memorial where he works as a pilates instructor.

Christopher Kohl

Christopher Kohl hails from the peanut-shaped area of the country known as New Jersey. Although he lives in the top of the peanut, he has an undying love for the unfortunate sports teams in Philadelphia, who are still in search of some reason for hope. He's convinced that Nick Foles and Chip Kelly are the saviors the city needs, but everyone else sees that this plan is just futile. Chris played rugby throughout high school amongst the heaps of landfills and turnpikes in his backyard. A Junior Mechanical Engineering Major, Chris spends most of his days at school busy discussing the intricacies of how many ways cement and stone can be used. He also enjoys playing sports on the quad or video games with his friends in his room. All in all, Chris is a great guy and is well liked by all.

Taylor Billings

Taylor is a fine southern gentleman from the bayou of New Orleans, LA (NOLA if you're from down there). This Junior is a finance and theology major. This dedicated Saints fans spends his Sundays watching the Who-Dats occasionally win. Lucky for him he also cheers on the recent champion Boston Red Sox. Taylor has experienced much of Notre Dame. Unfortunately his Bengal Bouts career ended quickly when he fractured his rib before the big fight. He also loves campus ministry as you can probably tell from his theology major. Taylor is your commissioner so be sure to stay on his good side. All in all Taylor is a great guy who will always be available if you need him. Take advantage of how awesome he is.

Michael Romano

Sit tight and read carefully as I begin to demystify the ephemeral creature that is Michael Romano. He is commonly referred to as the "Teacup Italian Stallion" for his short stature. But don't let that fool you, this young Italian grew up on the streets of the Glhetto (AKA Glencoe, Illinois). Surviving off of his inherent pasta and waffle (they're amazing!) making abilities he raised himself up and developed himself a reputation so smart, so strong, and so humble that he was awarded entrance into the greatest dorm at Notre Dame (Dillon Hall). A long time advocate of touch football he has charitably "taken one for the team" and is coaching the Women's Cavanaugh Flag Football Team. Last year he may or may not have led the team to a victory, but he did lead them to a participation trophy. On top of all this Michael is well known for his incident with Red Bull where he did INDEED grow wings. Overall, the important thing to know is that Michael is a very classy, stand up guy who was the original 6th founding member of One Direction and, early in his career, decided to split because they were going in a different "direction."

Conor Bradley

The Phenomenal Phenomology major is one of Philadelphia's finest, and can usually be found talking the ear off of whomsoever he can find strolling down the hall. When not in Dillon, this young man can usually be found by following the long train of women drawn to a conglomeration of his charm, wit, and seemingly genuine kindness. He likes the eagles, the 76ers, the Flyers, and the Phillies, which makes him nigh on insufferable from a sporting perspective. He has a second home in Cavanaugh Hall, outside of Parietals only, of course.

Nathaniel McKeon

19 years ago, a lone infant was found in the great north woods of Wisconsin, sitting upon the dead corpse of a bear that was clearly strangled to death. Birthplace and birth parents unknown, the McKeon clan took this child in and tamed the wild beast that was to be known as Nathaniel. From the grand shores of Kenosha, Wisconsin comes the fabled Nathaniel McKeon. Born from the wild, yet classier than any man, Nathaniel is the ultimate. The McKeon clan raised him to be the kindest of the kind, and the humblest of the humble, yet always remember his past, for at night his true nature comes out. Even though he is great, do not be afraid of his aura: this man is a true friend, scholar, and gentleman. Feel free to wander up to the third floor and visit this Man of Dillon, his door is always open.