Dillon Hall

Residing Priests

Father Paul Doyle, C.S.C.

Father Paul Doyle, C.S.C., blesses Dillon Hall as its rector. Fr. Doyle is the spiritual and secular head of our dorm. If you have a problem, go to him. If you have a question, go to him. If you ever have an insufferable craving for pork barbeque or cream soda, go to him. Although e-mail has been around for decades, Fr. Doyle still hasn't quite gotten the hang of it. If you receive an e-mail from him, no need to open it, he puts all the contents in the subject line. Further, when he learned you could sort you mailbox by dates, names, etc... with one click he gasped and said, "Smart folks these yankees." He is a southern gentleman hailing from Virginia and a Notre Dame grad himself. Whenever you meet him you will quickly be given your official Dillon title of "Brother."

Father Leonard Olobo, C.S.C.

Father Leonard Olobo, C.S.C., has been a Holy Cross priest since 2004. He is originally from the Hoima Diocese in Western Uganda, but he has been a part of Notre Dame's community since 2010, serving as the Director of the Holy Cross Mission Center. He also serves as the vice-chairperson for the Africa Faith and Justice Network in Washington D.C., which lobbies for fair US Foreign Policy with Africa. He lives down on the first floor of Dillon.

Father Austin Collins, C.S.C.

Father Austin Collins, C.S.C., who recently stepped down as the Chair of Art Department, is an associate art professor, an avid art collector, gourmet chef and master of the game Othello, which takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master. He is also in charge of selecting all the art pieces that we have around campus, so if you see him around ask for an explanation of the armless, howling wolf man outside O'Shag. He lives up on the second floor.

Father Joseph Corpora, C.S.C.

Father Joe Corpora, C.S.C., graduated from Notre Dame in 1976. He entered Moreau Seminary in the fall of 1977 and was ordained a priest in 1984. In August of 2009, he was transferred to serve at the University of Notre Dame where he works with the Alliance for Catholic Education. Specifically he works with an initiative to increase Latino enrollment in Catholic elementary schools. Fr. Joe lives on the third floor of Dillon --- the best hall on campus!


Assistant Rectors

Dillon is home to two graduate students who take the role of Assistant Rectors. Both are invaluable to the success of Dillon and will make a positive impact in the lives of all Dillonites.

Patrick Loughery - Room 309

I am a second year law student here at Notre Dame. I am a 2010 ND grad from Arlington Heights, IL. I majored in English and Psychology and minored in Irish Language and Literature, so after graduation I did the only thing you should do with that potent combination of subjects... I taught 5th grade at a Catholic school in North Philly. After teaching, I worked at Allstate before coming back to ND. I enjoy playing and watching sports and spend a lot of time watching the Bears, Bulls, White Sox, Hawks, and Everton in the EPL. I also enjoy reading and cycling and try to combine them as often as possible. Looking forward to a great year in Dillon Hall!

Dominick Sisinni - Room 244

Hailing from Lake Erie's sparkling shores in Erie, Pennsylvania, I am returning to Notre Dame for my second year of law school and to assume duties as one of Dillon Hall’s Assistant Rectors. Prior to law school, I spent several years in my diocese’s seminary formation program discerning the Catholic priesthood. During this time, I also served as an AmeriCorps volunteer in the Appalachia region and worked as a member of the front-end management team at the world’s best grocery store: Wegmans (those from the Mid-Atlantic states will understand). In my spare time, I enjoy working out; watching shows such as “House of Cards,” “Law & Order: SVU,” “Hannibal,” and the like; and enjoy just having a good conversation—about anything from grocery store “best practices” to one’s faith journey and everything in between. My door is always open, so feel free to stop by Room 244.

Resident Assistants

Each year Father Doyle, the assistant rectors, and the outgoing resident assistants select nine seniors to serve as RA's. This crew of elite, hardworking Dillon men does their best to serve their Dillon Brothers and keep us in line. When they are not roaming the halls ensuring that there is not trouble afoot, their doors are always open for you to stop by, chat and mooch food. Of course they don't mind.

Andrew Boratenski - Room 101

Andrew Boratenski: 6’, slight build, brown eyes, brown hair, whiter than sour cream. I am an aspiring automotive engineer, studying mechanical engineering and those always thrilling university requirements. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, soccer, racquetball, “touch” football, and any other sport you can think of. I am most happy when working on Notre Dame’s SAE Mini Baja team, napping, playing cards, napping, sitting around and doing nothing except watching Netflix all day, and napping. If I could have any super power it would be flying, and if I had to give someone a piece of advice, it would be “work hard when people are watching, and work harder procrastinating when people aren’t watching.” I enjoy long walks on the beach, DHD’s, and SUB movie dates. Message me if interested ;)

Robert Gilson - Room 135

Chris Gilson has always been mistaken for celebrities, even as a young child. While living in Japan, modeling agencies from all over offered him the most coveted positions because of his resemblance to a young Justin Bieber. In eighth grade, he was recruited to play for the football powerhouse Permian (yes from Friday Night Lights), mistaken to be the next RGIII. Finally, Chris stole the hearts of millions with his rendition of “That’s How I beat Shaq” at a karaoke night in South Bend. Legend has it that Chris is still receiving record offers from Simon Cowell to this day. What made celebrity look-a-like Chris Gilson decide to take his talents to Notre Dame? In a recent interview with NBC, Chris stated that he came to the University to be a part of Dillon Hall, the best looking and most athletic dorm on campus. He is currently studying Pre-Medicine in an ongoing quest to become a dermatologist, in order to cure your future children’s acne.

Jason LeBlanc - Room 157

Hey guys, I’m Jason LeBlanc. While all my friends think I’m from Boston, I’m actually now considered a local in York, ME. If you’re looking for some intense, semi-unbiased sports conversations, come to me. My teams consist of all things Boston...the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, and Celtics. When I’m not watching Boston sports, you can probably find me revolutionizing the 15 year-old N64 game known as Super Smash Bros. My other hobbies include buzzing over ND in a Cessna 172, travelling the world, dominating Netflix, championing section sports, playing the piano, and running Dillon Hall (the greatest dorm in the history of mankind). I am studying finance, and I’m heavily involved in Campus Ministry. My one true love is Notre Dame...I bleed blue & gold. I always enjoy meeting new people, so feel free to stop by my room anytime!

Daniel Delaney - Room 235

Yo, I am Dan Delaney, son of Dan, Son of John of Philadelphia.  I grew up in a little country town on the Delaware River in everyone’s favorite state, (New) Jersey.  Please don’t ever say “Joisey” unless you want me to dislike you.  If I am not slaving over Chemistry problem sets or translating things into Irish, I am most likely at the band building.  I participate in the marching band, jazz band, concert band, and Bandlink program.  I am also that violinist who awkwardly announces the hymns at Dillon Mass.  When in Dillon, I can usually be found playing “smash”; blue Yoshis need not apply.  I love country music and worship Bruce Springsteen.  If you ever need to kill time, just ask me about Bruce; your time will be killed or your money back.

Michael Noelke - Room 265

Michael Noelke hails from the desolate wasteland known as northern New Jersey. He, along with what seems like half of the men on campus, attended Delbarton School, and he was Student Body President when he was a Senior. At Notre Dame, he has served as Dillon Vice-President and President as he has tried to continue the outward appearance of apathy, which Dillon Hall proudly embraces. If you ever have a question about Finance or internships, talk to Mike. If he's not cramming for a test, you'll probably find Mike listening to Classic Rock or playing Smash on N64. You may find that he really is the living embodiment of Donkey Kong -- big, brutish, and oddly shaped like a gorilla. If you're lucky, you can even see Mike very calmly and patiently (cough cough) watching his true love--the Illinois men's hoops team--as they finish in the bottom half of the Big 10 again. All in all, feel free to approach Mike and talk about anything.

Shane O'Connor - Room 280

Shane O'Connor does not remember a time before Dillon Hall. Rumour has it that he was born to humble means and raised in Syracuse, New York. At age 18, he set out to join the Night's Watch and defend the Seven Kingdoms from White Walkers, but ended up taking a much more prestigious and dangerous position, 2nd Floor R.A. Last year he went to China, where he saw many great and terrifying things. He studies economics, philosophy, and the migratory patterns of Egyptian swallows. He pines for Château Dillon each night he is away, and consoles himself with the music of Phish, who he has seen in concert 9 times.

Matthew Mleczko - Room 335

Hailing from the ancient land of KAZ, Mr. Mleczko (Mah-Lehk-Kooooo) is a marvelous bastion of emotional stability. No one has ever, ever heard him yell, hit, and break things while doing Calculus homework. Not even once. He does, however, have a bit of a competitive streak that manifests itself in his defensive physicality while attempting to guard Colin Terndrup on the basketball court. His strengths include womanizing and prevailing over bureaucracy, while his biggest weakness is an innate inability to be reasonable. He has the world record for most time spent playing the guitar without even a semblance of female attention from it. Bring him Bon Jovi and he will love you forever, but mess with his pillow and prepare to face the wrath of KAZ.

Geoffrey Burdell - Room 364

Hey guys, my name is Geoff Burdell and I am the resident Townie representative among this years RAs (there's one every year, I promise...). Having just spent a semester abroad in Chile, my hobbies include procrastination, speaking unintelligible Spanish, and pretending to be interested in the World Cup and the sport of soccer in general. When I'm not busy contemplating just how unemployed I will remain after my graduation from Notre Dame, I am usually pretending to be legitimate by playing the Dillon chapel piano or discussing my majors of philosophy and theology with my sections mates who are "just trying to play FIFA, man..." My crowing achievement in life has been attending the last 56 (and counting) consecutive Notre Dame home football games. And yes, I'm still awaiting the "glory days" of our football team's generation. Fear not, I can feel them coming... Some have described me as the "often frightening combination" of an introverted night owl and a surprisingly-loud leprechaun-wannabe. You decide which is more accurate in the coming year... Looking forward to meeting everyone, Go Irish and GO BIG RED!

Daniel Forney - Room 379

Danny Forney hails from Southern California where most of you wish you were from. Leaving the year round 75 degree weather, he now graces Dillon hall with his presence and his unceasing cali-swag. When not doing typically Californian things, Danny studies his science notes vigorously in hopes of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. This past summer Danny was an intern for a sports med doctor who is also the San Diego Chargers physician, soo he’s kind of a big deal. On a more serious note though, Danny is a friendly guy and is happy to talk to anyone and help them out. Come see him in Dillon Hall’s very own penthouse.